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Zac Efron mezzo con la pelle al vento : dieci foto indimenticabili di quest’anno

1) Quel momento imbarazzante

2) MTV Movie Awards
2014 MTV Movie Awards - Backstage And Audience

3) Falegname per beneficenza

4) Con Michelle Rodriguez

5) Sul cavallo

6) Con Bear Grylls

7) Sul set di We Are Your Friends
EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron soaks up the sun shirtless before filming scenes for 'We Are Your Friends' with Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski

8) Con Max Joseph
September 09, 2014; Zac Efron films a scene for 'We Are Your Friends' on the beach in Malibu, CA. In this scene Zac's character smokes a conspicuous cigarette while sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean during the sunset. In between takes, Zac had to urinate but there was no bathroom nearby so he went on the beach in public view of everyone. When filming ended, director Max Joseph jokingly wanted to compare his abs next to his star Zac Efron which got lots of laughs from the crew.  Pictured here: Zac Efron, Max Joseph. Mandatory Credit: Ref.: infusla-261

9) Con Rita Ora

10) In Sardegna

Zac Efron


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