Meghan Markle indossa una collana contro il malocchio e assume l’avvocato di Lady D

30 Aprile, 2020 di Fabiano Minacci

Meghan Markle sembrerebbe essere sul piede di guerra e – probabilmente sotto consiglio di Harry – ha assunto l’avvocato che è stato di sua suocera Lady D, tal David Sherdborne, per la causa contro il gruppo editoriale che ha permesso la pubblicazione della lettera privata che scrisse a suo padre Thomas.

E se da una parte la causa legale procede, dall’altra Meghan Markle si “tutela” con un ciondolo contro il malocchio, sfoggiato con orgoglio durante una videoconferenza di Smart Works: si tratta del Visionary Charm Necklace (170 euro, Edge of Ember), pensato come simbolo di buon auspicio.

Così ha scritto il brand sul proprio portale:

“Ti guarda le spalle grazie al topazio blu contro il malocchio e protegge chi lo indossa dalle vibrazioni negative […] Secondo la leggenda ottomana, un occhio malvagio sulla tua persona allontana la gelosia dagli altri”.



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“It’s been such an honour to meet and learn from so many talented women in the Smart Works network over the years, and recently to see the amazing work they’re doing to adapt their programs to the reality of this pandemic. Their ability to continue to empower women and help them harness the confidence they need to succeed during this time is inspiring.” – a message to our clients from the Duchess of Sussex. ⠀ Since moving to a virtual service six weeks ago we have delivered 200 hours of support to our clients. ⠀ From the volunteers who have been delivering coaching online to the staff working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly – the energy, passion and commitment has been overwhelming. ⠀ We couldn’t do this without the support of our community and on the 27th March we were honoured that our patron, The Duchess of Sussex kindly volunteered some time to speak with one of our clients ahead of her interview, offering words of advice and encouragement. During the session the Duchess praised her for being “such a beacon of hope” and “focusing on getting through this”. ⠀ When asked about her patronage she said, “it’s a pleasure to support them, you see how great they do and how many people they help and that’s what it’s all about. I’ve been really proud to be able to be their patron, but it’s an easy yes when you have such incredible women helping you.” ⠀ After her session with the Duchess our client had this to say: ⠀ “I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you, the Duchess and the whole team at Smart Works for making this possible for women all around the UK, because to see such work is truly inspiring and uplifting. And thank you for the super useful interview tips – I will be using them for years to come!.” ⠀ The Smart Works service is available for any woman who is unemployed and has a confirmed job interview, referrals are made by our employment support partners including women’s charities and Job Centre Plus. Our mission is to help anyone who needs it, no matter the circumstances.

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